Saturday, August 29, 2009

for everyone's general amusement

Here's some recent correspondence between dear sissy-boo and i:


i cut my hair at the place around the corner from the bookstore. i told her i wanted an "ear length bob" and i got a chin length monstrosity AKA the anna wintour look all over again (i don't understand. do stylists like giving terrible haircuts? if i wanted to look like anna wintour* I WOULD SAY THAT).

the above will probably be blog post number one from moi.

*if you don't know who she is just google images and you will instantly get the idea.


Hey there bear,

So do you still have your hair or did you shave it all off? I think that the last time you got it cut in California you said that it looked like anna wintour and we looked her up. Oh gurl, so the hair saga continues. Maybe your hair has been possessed by anna wintour and you need to have a hair exorcism.


i still have my hair, haha! i'm actually coming around to the haircut. it always looks better when it hasn't been blowed-dried into submission.

oh, i accidentally bought some underwear that is WAY too you want them?? haha. i can send them in the package with your hiking boots.

AND i started reading Twilight at work. for purely anthropological reasons. i will def be blogging about it!**


Ooo, please do send along the extra large pairs of underwear.
Reason number 2 why I love having a blog with you: I now have a place where I can wax poetic about granny panties. This blog might just turn into a documentation of all of the correspondence we have ever sent back and forth. But because I think that we have amazing correspondences, that might not be a bad thing.

Waverly, if you're reading, I took that as an invitation to post all of that nonsense.

**this is true. stay tuned!!

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  1. ok: 2 things:

    COME TO PHILLY: i have the perfect place for you to get your hair cut.

    I want the anthopological read for Twilight. Pls, let's talk. I have fears, great fears, about what Twilight may signify.