Monday, August 31, 2009

granny panties

Firstly: Claire I am glad that you have taken the initiative and straight up posted our emails. This is perfect evidence for the fact that blogging is a titillating exercise in self importance and once begun runs the risk of becoming a highly addictive behavior. Counter-note to the above: Hyper self-awareness is not so much fun as blogging about granny panties.

Let us blog on!

So my hands down movie, the movie that I will watch in sickness and in health, in bliss and in heartbreak is Mostly Martha. (Future blog post: the travesty that the American film industry has made of this movie). In Mostly Martha there is a scene--which if I were more technologically savy I would have found a way to link into this blog--where Martha (an incredibly sophisticated and highly controlling chef) wakes up in the morning. She rolls off of the couch where she had fallen asleep and wanders into the kitchen wearing....granny panties! Voluminous, white, cottony, drawers that drape her happy backside rather than squeezing into all of her lady curves. She is sleepy and dazed as she stands in the kitchen surveying her gorgeous array of cookware and never have I seen a woman look so real, so comfortable, so right as that scene. And that is the best argument I have for granny panties.

That being said, granny panties are also like your favorite movies. Perhaps not an everyday experience but one that should be enjoyed on a regular basis. Like on summer's days when you are making brunch or right when you are going to get your period and everything feels all squeez-ey and too tight any way.

So, send me those voluminous drawers sissy-bear...

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